[hair] TRUTH Labyrinth – Selection
[dress] 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Delirium Dress (coming to Black Fair Oct. 5)
[leg wraps] 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Gizelle Leg Wraps
[head] GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001
[body] Maitreya
[shape] my own
[pose] DM – Can’t reach toes #2

HPMD* Shrubs
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass



[hair] TRUTH Shadow – Redhead
[top] Petite Mort– Sky Cropped T-neck
[pants] VINYL – Sky Ripped Jeans Flat
[head] GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001
[body] Maitreya
[shape] my own
[pose] Diversion – Chair Sit

Decor (left to right):
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
Nutmeg. Old Story Frames Wood
RO – Dress Form – Materials
Pewpew! Harvest Planter Solo – Brown Branch
Apple Fall Neva’s Laundry Basket
Skye Twisted Tree
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]
+Half-Deer+ Stringlights
7 – Lab Crates – Animated
*HEXtraordinary* Garden District Iron Fence
Apple Fall Moroccan Urn (on bench)
Nutmeg. Rustic Outdoor Bench
Soy. Bare tree (twigs in the foreground)
Nutmeg. Old Wooden Chairs
DRD – Acid Rain Lookout Post

A form of paralysis…

A certain pumpkin-pondering protagonist once referred to the post-consumerism state of being as the ‘ecstasy of psychic liberation.’ I think I’ve been chasing that dragon since I was old enough to experience buyers remorse over using all my allowance to weigh my stone washed jean jacket down with a gazillion MTV-inspired buttons. Like a true Xennial, I wanted for much, much more than I needed.

The pumpkin-pondering protagonist also made mention of the fear he felt that the things which he acquired to satisfy the pressure to settle down would soon control him and restrict his movements. That’s one expectation which I’ve always bristled at – the notion that in order to be accepted as a properly functioning adult, I needed to create some sort of permanence via personal identifiers such as “career”, “street address” and “offspring”. Society romanticizes the concept of being tethered to these things which I have no desire for. Of course, life does require a certain level of conformity in order to survive in this jungle so I went ahead and put in the least amount of acceptable effort to appear as though I was complying while living the bulk of my life by my own definition of happiness.

So, when a Facebook stranger recently asked their followers to describe themselves in one word, and the first one to come to mind for me was ‘restless’, I knew it was about that time again. I’m sure part of this has to do with a lack of balance between the tangible and intangible contributors to my happiness lately, but that can always be alleviated with a little good old fashioned human interaction. The rest runs deep though. The reason I’m always preaching adaptability as one of the foremost answers to life’s little miseries is because ever since I could remember, I’ve been flitting from one life to another. My favorite statement, which I used to tag walls and stalls with was “Gotta go.”

Call this all rationalization of epic levels of commitment phobia, or call it selfishness or immaturity – call it whatever you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that I once happily moved 2000 miles just to entertain myself and I rarely ever bother collecting things any more. Which brings me back to the ecstasy of psychic liberation…for me it’s that feeling I get when I’ve delayed the gratification of a new adventure as long as I possibly can and I finally decide to clear the path. I’m sure I’m not alone in this fear of stagnation. I wonder just how many of the people around me who’ve settled into so-called “stable existences” experience claustrophobic moments. I just happen to act on them.


[hair] TRUTH Elixir – Selection
[glasses] Izzie’s – 90’s Glasses
[top] Kaithleen’s Veronika Set – Tshirt
[shorts] Decoy – Kae High Rise Shorts: Dirty
[head] GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001
[body] Maitreya
[shape] my own

[Merak] – Recycled Privacy Screen (@ C88)
[Merak] – Starry Telescope (@ C88)
Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
West Village Charleston Curtains – Cream
Apple Fall Cushion – Satin Trellis, Beige
-RC- New Home Moving Box – Electronics/Computers
-RC- New Home Moving Box – Blank 2
Apple Fall Hat Box (gacha)
Apple Fall Sunbleached Setee (Robin Egg)
O.M.E.N – I Heart Roo
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
illuZion – Single box bonus
Apple Fall Cushion – Cream, Hearts
Apple Fall Cushion – Tudor Trellis, Blue Large
Apple Fall Althea Rug – Antique Light
-RC– New Home Moving Box – Blank
Apple Fall Stacked Books
Apple Fall ‘Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet

[pose] Diversion- Lowkey – 5m

*pumpkin-pondering protagonist is what I call the lead character in Tom Robbins’ Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. You can see more about the book and the character here.

2019 Second Life Yearbook Challenge

I was so happy to see Strawberry Singh initiate her Yearbook Challenge again, especially since she recently announced she would be cutting back on her typical blogging activity.

This is the third year I’ve participated and as before, I really enjoyed it. You can see my previous entries here and here.

Yearbook Challenge 2019 (2).png


[hair] Truth – Horizon (available soon in the mainstore)
[top] Neve Prep Top
[glasses] BALACLAVA!! Oliver Glasses & Shades (Tortoiseshell)
[head] GENUS – Classic Face
[eyes] .euphoric ~Miracle Beauty Set~ (Powder Pack – March 2019)
[skin] Not Found – Cleo Skin (Toffee)
[beauty marks] ::Modish:: Taysha Beauty Kit (Powder Pack – March 2019)
[shape] my own

[backdrop] ionic : Teacher Scene – RARE


Happy 4th to those celebrating! Today I opted out of the annual boat ride with a bunch of loud half drunk people I barely know, celebrating independence from their jobs for one day, and opted for lounging on a shady porch in my comfies. I hadn’t planned on taking a picture but this outfit was just too cute. Actually, I was already wearing it when Truth dropped the latest VIP style on us and it’s a perfect match.



[hair] Truth – Gwen (NEW VIP group style)
[top] !APHORISM! Joonie Top (@ FaMESHed)
[skirt] !APHORISM! Joonie Maxi Skirt (@ FaMESHed)
[bag] =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket A (Cream)
[glasses] Cae :: Sylvia :: Sunglasses
[rings] **RE** Dragon Rings, Bracelets & Claws (@ FaMESHed)
[bracelets] *AvaWay* KEEP TIME Bracelets & Rings Set (@ FaMESHed)
[earrings] Zaara : Varsha jhumka earrings
[arm chains] Zaara : Raksha arm-chain (maitreya)
[head] Catwa – Catya
[body] Maitreya
[shape] my own
[pose] A&RPoses standing1-1

Taken @ Baja Sands



Wastin’ Time

wastin' time.png

Wastin Time 2.png

Wastin Time 3.png

[hair] Truth Gretchen
[bikini] Rebel HopeBrinkly Bikini
[body] Maitreya
[shape] my own
[pose] FOXCITY. Pool Bunny V2-6 (head tilted up via Animare)

(left to right)
.: Bee Designs:. Summer Gacha Floatter 1
BackBone Life’s a Beach – Beach Ball
TLC Seagull – Standing -V1.12
Serenity Style– Summer Essentials Canopy RARE (PocketGacha 6/15-7/14 round)
{What Next} Summertime Radio Decor (on Canopy)
29.erratic / cwe – open book (on Canopy)
{What Next} Palisades Cocktail Glass Decor (single) (on Canopy)
{What Next} Southsea Books Decor (on Canopy)
hive // fresh cherries (on Canopy)
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit (on Canopy)
Serenity Style– Summer Essentials Female Sandals DECOR (REZ) (PocketGacha 6/15-7/14 round)
Serenity Style– Summer Essentials Towels (PocketGacha 6/15-7/14 round)
{moss&mink} Summer BBQ (Deco only) (@ Uber until 7-22)
DRD – Boho Fish Shack – Bottled Refreshment (on BBQ) (@ Uber until 7-22)
..::THOR::.. Strawberry Wonder Juice x2 (on BBQ)
{moss&mink} Steak cooked (on BBQ) (@ Uber until 7-22)
{moss&mink} Chicken cooked (on BBQ) (@ Uber until 7-22)
[V/W] BBQ Hot Sauces II (on BBQ)
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Charcoal (on BBQ)
{What Next} Palma Potted Plant (on BBQ)
tarte. ficus elastica
{What Next} Southsea Table (smaller) x3
{What Next} Palisades Cocktail Glass Decor (single)
{What Next} Southsea Deck Chair x2
Serenity Style– Summer Essentials Bag DECOR (on chair) (PocketGacha 6/15-7/14 round)
{What Next} Palisades Drinks Tray
dust bunny . shade umbrella
{What Next} Southsea Lantern
CONSTRUCT – Wooden Sign – 1 li
BJK Miami gacha Jet Ski

tarte. floating dock x2 (@ Summerfest)
tarte. beach lights – assembled A x2 (@ Summerfest)

Skye Wild Grass Type 3 lush
Skye Tree Fern
Skye Banana Plant (1li linked twins)
Board Walk Building Set from Studio Skye – Box v1.3
Skye Cliff 2 light rock
*alirium* DwarfForest [LightGreen]



decor (left to right):
.peaches. le petit chariot – vintage sign
.peaches. le petit chariot – blue
.peaches. Let’s Play! Water Balloon Fight – Water Balloon Giver (NEW @ Summerfest)
KITE – Russian Blues – Treats COMMON
.peaches. Anchors Aweigh Beach Chair
.peaches. Let’s Play! Water Balloon Fight – Hose /w Balloons (NEW @ Summerfest)
.peaches. Let’s Play! Water Balloon Fight – War Zone Sign (NEW @ Summerfest)
SAYO – Palm Trees
NOMAD // Beach Huts // Blue

[hair] Truth – Jamie (NEW @ the main store and marketplace)
[top] Tres Blah – Cabana Cami (NEW @ Uber) main sim :: cam sim
[shorts] Tres Blah – Liberty Denim Shorts (NEW @ Summerfest)
[rings] Absolut Vendetta –Juno Bento Rings
[head] Catwa – Catya
[body] Maitreya
[skin] League – Sadie
[shape] my own

[pose] Sari-Sari – snow heart06 (bento)