Palm Readings and a semi-break

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been on a semi-break from blogging. I call it a semi-break because I only requested vacations from the more active stores. But then just as I was about to do that, I noticed Bee Designs was opening applications. I’m addicted to her gachas, of which she has MANY and the prospect of representing her brand, even if just in a blogger capacity was too tempting to pass up.

I honestly have no idea if this is what a palm reader’s place would look like but that’s the image I had in my head when I saw this set. It feels like something I’d love to stumble upon while wondering through a forest.


Gypsy 3.png


**Bee Designs – Gypsy Caravan Gacha (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
2 Caravan (RARE)
1, 9, 11 Table and Chairs
3, 8 Tapestries
4 Poster
5 Ottoman

other decor:
SoraxTree – Portland Wall Shelves Slim A2
*HEXtraordinary* Boho Meditation Pillows
Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift
:CP: Faith Birdcage Lantern
+Half-Deer+ Stringlights – Ceiling – Long Loops Flat
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Medicine Bottles – COMMON
22769 – Jars – COMMON
AF Carved Corbel Shelf
Bee Designs Bohemian Gacha 1
Bee Designs Bohemian Gacha 5
06 MI Lotus Decor
Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift x2
22769 – Plate with Candles – COMMON
JIAN Raven Collection :: Perched
Palm Reading sign – taken from Google

HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – bGreen b
*alirium* DwarfForest [Ember]
*alirium* ItchyGrass [Gold]


Sun is shining, the weather is sweet


Sun is shining and the weather is sweet.png

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet 3



Bee Designs – Coastal Gazebo (@ Sanarae event)
Bee Designs –  Sunny Coast gacha (@ Gacha Garden event)
Bee Designs – Summer Wall Decor
tarte. mason jar chandelier x2
PLAAKA HangingBlowGlassVase A
Bee Designs Summer Days Gacha Drinks 2
Apple Fall – Open Book (on loveseat)
Apple Fall Pearl End Table x2
{What Next} Summertime Radio Decor (end table – right)
Bee Designs MLTH Gacha Books (end table – right)
{what next} Hermosa Rug
+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter – Loose Coil
MudHoney Miranda Drapes – Sheer (May Deco(c)rate)
{what next} Beach Hut Clock (wall – left)
Bee Designs.: MLTH Gacha Books (on shelves)
Bee Designs: Belle Jour Gacha Key Cabinet (on shelves)
Apple Fall White Iris (on shelves)
BALACLAVA!! Alma Vase 1 (on shelves)
Bee Designs.: MLTH Gacha Books (on shelves)
BALACLAVA!! Alma Vase 2 (on shelves)
{vespertine}– aglaonema plant. (end table – left)
{vespertine}– exotic plants /sansevieria (end table – left)
Bee Designs Summer Days Gacha Flip flops
Bee Designs Maya Bay 2 Gacha 2 (coffee table)
Zen Creations – Cape Cod Candles (on coffee table)
TA Holidays Beach Decor (on coffee table)
PILOT– Journal (inside coffee table)
Apple Fall Design Books (inside coffee table)
Mesh Logic – Mesh Sand Beach
Skye Bamboo Palms
Skye Wild Grass Type 3 dry


Sidewalk Sale

Sidewalk Sale 2

(left to right)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Store sign (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Balaclava – Cinema Lightbox (‘sidewalk sale’)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Electric Guitar ULTRA RARE (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Trumpet (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Peaches – The Anarchists Wall Decor
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Exhibitor (NEW @ 6 Republic)
.11 [ kunst ] – CDRs pile #1 x2
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Amplifier x2 (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Serenity Style– Floor Sign (‘everything must go’)
Serenity Style– Janire Vintage Radio x2
Mesh vinyl records set 1 (ground)
[Schultz Bros.] Cafe Espresso – 09. Newspaper Stand
.06 [ kunst ] – Pro speaker / gold metals x2 (ground)
DISORDERLY. / The Boutique / Badge Display (ground)
[ kunst ] – Paper balls x2 (ground)
[ kunst ] – Cigarette box waste (ground)
Pigeon Animated – Mesh – Full Perm x4 (ground and roof)
22769 – The Record Shop – Sales Table – COMMON
NX-Nardcotix – Retro Vynil Record Box (on table)
.12 [ kunst ] – CDRs pile #2 x3
David Heather-Balla Stereo (NEW @ 6 republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 07 (NEW @ 6 republic)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Electric Guitar ULTRA RARE (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 12 (NEW @ 6 republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 13 (NEW @ 6 republic)
.peaches. Rock On Wall Art – Smol 3
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Records Cabinet (NEW @ 6 Republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 11 (NEW @ 6 republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 05 (NEW @ 6 republic)
Quasi – Downtown Gacha – 03 x2 (NEW @ 6 republic)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Trumpet (NEW @ 6 Republic)
DRD – San Mora – Street Clutter – Rusty Barrel – D
.peaches. The Anarchist’s Flag
Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry (w.texchange)

Serenity Style– The Lost Arrow Irish Pub (left)
Serenity Style– Musicland Nashville Store RARE (right) (NEW @ 6 Republic)


2018 Second Life Yearbook Challenge

This morning for her 11th rez day, Strawberry Singh did a live stream in which she answered questions posed by her readers and it got me to thinking of all the wonderful things I’ve learned since joining Second Life. Like Berry, my experiences in Second Life have changed me in positive ways I never expected. It’s given me a platform to put myself out there creatively, which I was always afraid of doing in real life. Now I know I’m capable of being artistic and sharing my creations and won’t die from rejection.

In her video and blog post, she also gave us a Second Life Yearbook Challenge. This is my second year doing it. I love her challenges because they tend to get me back on track and also force me to write a bit, which is something my blog has been missing since I started officially blogging for stores last year. You can check out my photo from last year’s Yearbook Challenge here.

yearbook 2018 - polaroid.png

[hair] Truth – Panny – Multitone 1 Hud (@ Uber 4/25 – 5/22 round)
[jacket and top] COCO – Crop Biker Jacket + White Bra Top (@ Uber 4/25 – 5/22 round)
[glasses] Cae – Sylvia Glasses
[necklace] Real EvilNoelle Necklace
[facial piercings] PUNCH Diamond Nose Stud, .08 [ kunst ] – Septum #2 / gold
[earrings] MANDALA Steking ears
[head] Catwa – Catya
[skin] Insol – Nika – Peach
[eyes] Euphoric – Nora Makeup Series (February Powder Pack)
[beauty marks] League – Moles/Beauty Marks Applier
[shape] my own

Tutorial – organizing your inventory (Firestorm)

If you struggle to keep your inventory organized, or can’t seem to maintain it once you get there, this post is for you.

Based on the seemingly endless conversations in world and on social media, there appears to be a common theme with anyone who has their inventory under control, which I’m sure you’ve already heard –  folders…..lots and lots of folders. In fact, a well oiled inventory has subfolders for just about every type of thing you own more than a few of.

Okay, so it’s a bit more than that – it’s the way they’re sorted, how they’re named and in what order you create this system.

So I’ve decided to break it down into steps in hopes that it helps some of you who have reached the point of madness.

Here’s what you can expect once you’ve completed this process:

  • quick and painless periodic sorting to maintain an organized inventory
  • efficient searches for specific items you don’t know the name of
  • easy browsing when you’re looking for a specific type of item
  • no more missing out on the stuff you have because you’ve forgotten you have it
  • bragging rights

Fair warning – getting your inventory under control is a time consuming process, so if yours has been neglected for a while, you should only take on one task at a time to prevent from burning out. More importantly, if you’re starting over from scratch, do these steps in order and don’t move on to the next step until you’ve completed the previous one. And finally, keep in mind that these steps are only the foundation to get you started on a more effective and efficient system but should be personalized to fit your very specific needs.

Step 1: main folders
Establish your main folders, making sure you have as few as possible. What you title them depends on your lifestyle and activities in Second Life, but what you see below is roughly what you will have, give or take a few (i.e ‘building’, ‘RPing’, your store name etc).
inventory - main folders
Place three asterisks (***) in front of the title of each main folder so they eventually appear above everything in your main inventory, just below your system folders. This will make sorting much easier moving forward.

Now, move everything from your main inventory into your main folders until all you see is your system folders and your few main folders. As you go, if you find more than a few items that can’t logically go into any of your main folders, create another one but still try to keep these to a minimum. (That’s what my ‘Other’ folder is for)
(video) Step 1 – Main Folders

Step 2: system folders
inventory - system folders
Next, if you haven’t already done this, go to Preferences>User Interface>Interface Windows and check the box titled ‘hide empty system folders from inventory‘. In my ‘Other” folder, I have subfolders for some of those things which automatically go into the system folders like pics (textures), landmarks, animations etc. so if one of the system folders appears after I’ve set this preference, I know there are things in them which haven’t been sorted or deleted yet. There will still be some that will always show, such as #Firestorm and Current Outfit, since you can’t empty those or move the items.

Now, move the items from your system folders to your main folders.

If you’ve been neglecting your ‘Objects’ and ‘Received’ folders, you’ll probably have to do a bunch of unboxing before moving those items into your main folders. If you can’t remember which ones you’ve unboxed yet, just do a check of your inventory for the individual items using the search bar at the top. If you save your boxes, move them to your ‘Boxes’ folder as soon as they’re unboxed. Also, there are some stores which send the unboxed item as one object to your ‘Objects’ folder, so keep an eye out for those.

Again, if you find more than a few items that can’t logically go into any of your main folders, create another one but still try to keep these to a minimum. Your inventory should now look roughly like what you see below.
Inventory - no system folders
(video) Step 2 – System Folders

Step 3: main subfolders
Once all your items are in their respective main folders, your main inventory is clear and your system default folders are no longer showing up, you can start establishing a good set of main subfolders within each main folder.

To begin, open your first main folder and create a few general main subfolders within it. Example: in your main ‘Avatar’ folder, make main subfolders such as ‘Clothes’, ‘Hair’, ‘Accessories’, etc.
inventory - main subfolders
Place an asterisk (*) in front of each folder title. This will make them easier to find later on using your inventory search bar.

In order to make your main subfolders as easy to remember as possible for future searching and browsing, choose titles which are the most basic and logical. In other words, don’t get fancy.

Like the main folders, you want to have a minimal number of main subfolders. Yours will be specific to your own personal inventory based on your established main folders but the concept will be the same as what you see above.
(video) Step 3 – Main Subfolders

4. subcategories
Once you’ve got your main folders and main subfolders set up and all loose items are in your main subfolders, you can start creating subcategories in each main subfolder. For example, in Avatar>Clothes, you would create folders for separate clothing categories such as Tops, Bottoms, Shoes etc.
inventory main subfolders
Place an asterisk (*) in front of each folder title.

In order to make your subcategories as easy to remember as possible for future searching and browsing, choose titles which are the most basic and logical.

Only create subcategories for things which cannot logically go into any of the others. The point is to keep the number of subcategories down while still making all future searches easier.

Once you have this new set of subcategories in each of  your main subfolders, you can begin dragging items into them, like you did in the previous steps.

As you go, you will find that you might need to add more subcategories, which is fine and expected, as long as they are for items that can’t go in any other existing subcategory folder.
(video) Step 4 – Subcategories

5. more subcategories
Bascially, if you’re up over a hundred items in an innermost folder, it’s time to make more subfolders.

Place an asterisk (*) in front of each folder title.

Again, choose titles which are the most basic and logical.

This step not only makes for quick and easy sorting but also vastly simplifies searching. For instance, if you have a subfolder titled ‘Landscaping’ in your Home>Outdoor folder, and there are several hundred different types of landscaping things in there, you don’t want to have to scroll through the whole thing to find a tree. You would simply type *Trees into the inventory search bar to show your ‘Trees’ folder. If you have a lot of different types of trees, you can even create subfolders inside your ‘Trees’ folder for those types (or whatever works for you)
inventory landscaping subfolders

Main points recap:

your folders in a ‘nesting’ style, with each subfolder for more and more specific items. Try not to go overboard with this though – it’s not necessary to make five subfolders inside an innermost folder when there are only 5 items in there. The point is to simplify browsing. It’s also not necessary to make folders for different stores since items are already sorted alphabetically by default (unless the store has changed their name at some point). Another reason is because you can also do an inventory search by store name.

Name your folders in the most obvious way possible so you don’t have any trouble finding them later on.

Place an asterisk (*) in front of each folder title. It’s highly unlikely that many things will be titled *Houses, so when you type that into the inventory search bar the folder will appear without further searching.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Truth VIP and noob adventures

Happy Sunday! Since this week’s ‘Meet the Truthies’ interview was stalled due to unforeseen circumstances, Amber suggested she interview me instead. Check it out here.

You can also read more about my noob adventures on my old blog here.

Meet the truthie 2

[hair] Truth Jacica (NEW VIP group gift)**
[jacket/top] Tres Blah – Denim Jacket – Light Wash (from C88 – coming to the main store soon)
[head] Catwa – Catya
[body] Maitreya
[skin] League – Sadie
[shape] my own
[flowers] Heart Hollyhocks
[pose] SEmotion – Modeling no. 33 (head angle changed)

**Join the Truth VIP Group to receive exclusive hairstyles, early access to sales & news (and a bunch of super awesome people):

paste the following link into local chat:

more info on the TRUTH VIP Group here.

take the plunge

A couple weeks ago I attended a live presentation at BVN with the focus being on collaborating with others. During the presentation, it was announced they’d be offering a challenge for bloggers to sign up to be paired with a fellow blogger for collaboration. I signed up and was paired with Kurimu Kuma. She has a very sweet style and look to her avi and her personality reflected that. She was also very patient with my constant scene tweaking and the fact that I kept getting distracted with customers AND the fact that I called on her at a moment’s notice because I had to reschedule our original time. This was the fourth person I’ve collaborated with and I think I’m starting to fear it less and appreciate it more for the challenge and for connecting me with people I might not otherwise have met. I’m really happy with the way the whole thing turned out.


my credits:
[hair] TruthHeloisa
[swimsuit] ChicModa – Debbie Swimsuit
[head] Catwa – Catya
[body] Maitreya
[skin] League – Ella
[shape] my own

IE -Summertime Fun (dock)
[Merak] – Sandwich Tray
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Open Grill RARE
{what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor
flying hat – Truth (Taren hat)
dust bunny . shade umbrella
TDC – Adult Beach towel 1 – Multitexture (PG)
Apple Fall – Open Book
dust bunny . flip flops
Paradise Homes – Lifeguard tower 
[ keke ] beach sign
Skye Zingiberaceae (from Tropical Plants Pack #2)
Skye Bamboo Palm (from Tropical Plants Pack #2)
Skye Wild Grass Type 4 dry (from Wild Grass Collection)

poses built into the dock

Click over to Kuma’s blog post for her credits. She also has a super cute YouTube channel.