Cantaloupe Island

Credits (left to right top down) slurls below
*wall art x3
Nutmeg. Bohemian Moment Armchair
Nutmeg. French Cafe Bonus Plant
Dahlia – Patia – Hanging Ivy
*wall art x2
(in bedroom)
PILOT – Traveler’s Map 2
.:revival:. boho bed
hive // large palm plant . light
Nutmeg. Hallway Clutter Basket / 1
Nutmeg. In Bloom Fruit Bowl
Nutmeg. Warm Earth Stack of Books
Dahlia – Reyhan – Macrame Stool – Camel
Apple Fall Sisal Rug – Cream
*wall art x3
Mithral * Green Oxalis Triangularis
.:revival:. ibiza cushion 1
ARIA – Palermo Side Table
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Matryoshka
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Blue Pot
hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . light
{vespertine} – potted anthurium.
Nutmeg. Soft Noontide Nightstand Fawn x2
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Green Pot
Mithral * Overgrown Wall Planter
Dahlia – Reyhan – Hanging Macrame – Camel
HEXtraordinary Marble Buddha Statue
.:revival:. ibiza cushion 2 x2
hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . pink variegated
LODE Decor – Hyacinth [light pink]
tarte. boho curtain (sunshine)
Seated Bodhisattva – Sand – inWorldLight
~BAZAR~ Starburst Record cabinet
dust bunny . hoya plant
tarte. hanging marble pothos plant
~BAZAR~ Starburst Record Player
Dahlia – Reyhan – Macrame Stool – Camel
{wn} Balboa Pendant Light
Heart – Wild Exotics – Mother-in-law’s Tongue – Potted 2
Nutmeg. Bohemian Moment Armchair & Throw

Apple Fall
Dust Bunny
What Next {wn}

*Wall art:
All the images on the wall were taken from Google images using search terms “Bohemian wall art”, “Boho art” and “Alphonse Mucha”

Here, have some jazz.

Almost there…

This latest round of sales took more out of me than usual. I try to budget my money but I fail every time. Why do I even bother anyway? I think at this point I own everything Nutmeg, Tarte, vespertine, and Apple Fall has ever made. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve really dug a new event like I do the Fifty. More about that later.

Here’s another picture completely devoid of technology, or anything else which could identify it as being set in the 21st century. Just like the last one, I dropped a bunch of stuff I thought might look good together and came up with this. I wish I could say I start scenes with a certain vision in mind, or a mood, or even a coherent theme, but I usually don’t. I will try next time, though – maybe.

Oh, and the title refers to the dangling carrot of perfection I’m always chasing with these pics.

Credits (left to right, top down) slurls after credits
Ariskea[Mika] Mint Vase Plant [White]
Mithral * Full Hoya Linearis (Pack A)
Apple Fall Stockholm Entry Cabinet RARE
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical A] x2
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical B]
Nutmeg. Home At Last Shirt
Nutmeg. Powder Room Books
Nutmeg. Home At Last Chair Light 1
Nutmeg. Soft Noontide Rug
Dahlia – Ryan – Butterfly – Wallart
{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm.
Kalopsia – Curtain – Chevron Beige
Nutmeg. Charming Zen Floral Daybed PG
Apple Fall Open Book
ReKa. Magazines Stack Group Gift
[ zerkalo ] Delhi – Three Pillows Plain
Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Rug
{vespertine} – hanging macrame planters. – hoya linearis.
BALACLAVA!! Books [vertical A]
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Rose Tea
[ kunst ] – Ashtray v3 / Marble #4
Mithral * Bowl Planter (Pack A)
Nutmeg. Castle Lounge Tea Table
BALACLAVA!! Books [horizontal B]
Nutmeg. Soft Noontide Statuette
Nutmeg. Cosy Gathering Potted Tree
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile
BALACLAVA!! Books [horizontal A]
Nutmeg. Artist’s Alcove Vase
{vespertine}- peace lily plant
{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm.

Apple Fall

Time Has Come Today

It wasn’t until after I took this picture that I realized there isn’t anything about it that suggests it could be 2022. In fact, if not for the sneaky dude peeking out from behind that plant, it could easily be 1974 (the year the John Lennon photo was taken). That wasn’t intentional, but I’m not surprised. Much of my formative years were spent in the presence of my young hippie parents and their music. We had MTV, but not a lot of TV time. When I hit junior high and my parental supervision dwindled to one mostly-absent father, west coast hip hop entered the picture, but my love of earlier music never really faded. This song is one I heard a lot growing up and despite being more than 10 minutes long, I’m still compelled to listen from beginning to end every time because it’s just that good.

Side note: this scene started as sort of a bachelor pad type thing because I really wanted to use the Riyadh Set I got from Zerkalo during the last Saturday sale but as always, I tweaked and I rearranged until all that was left was the rug. This is the second time I was compelled to use one of Zerkalo’s sets in a pic because they’re seriously photogenic. The price was ridiculous too – 60L, for the entire set and all those options in the HUDs.

Credits (left to right, top down)
DaD “Venetian Blinds
{vespertine} – philodendron gloriosum
{BE} Vintage Books
7 – Wall AC Unit (Inside)
Nutmeg. Sneakers Worn Brown
dust bunny . guiana chestnut tree
[Con.] Cooper’s Leather Sofa
Fancy Decor: Flora Book Stack
{vespertine} – king anthurium veitchii.
Serenity Style– Igor Vintage Sports Baseball Equipment
Mithral * Plant Trio + Shelf (Pack C)
[Merak] – Starry Telescope
Serenity Style– Soccer Ball
West Village Novelty Cricket Ball
Nutmeg. Warm Earth Crumpled Linen / 1
10 KraftWork Shotgun Jazz Club Rustic Frames 2
Trompe Loeil – Ladder Shelf Natural

on shelf
Mithral * Plant Display Tray (Black)
{what next} Row of Books A (Everyday)
{vespertine} – monkey mask vine monstera.
Ariskea[Mika] Photo Frame
[North Oak] – Pothos Angular Vase
.07 [ kunst ] – Cast iron globe
+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Shelved – Dark
{what next} Row of Books B (Everyday)
David Heather-Weights 1
..::THOR::.. Industrial Lamp FaMESHed 6th Anniversary Group Gift (x2)
[Con.] Cooper’s Leather Sofa
Apple Fall Signed Vinyl in Frame
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ampersand Graphic
Scarlet Creative Lyra Blanket Pile MC (on sofa)
dust bunny & con . laundry corner . laundry . pile (on sofa)
Apple Fall Plan Chest

on chest
Kalopsia – Old Plants – Blue Pot
{vespertine} – potted monstera thai constellation.
{vespertine} – potted anthurium.
{vespertine} – vine epipremnum
{vespertine}- exotic plants / button fern
{vespertine}- peace lily plant /texture change pot.
{vespertine}- exotic plants / pilea
{vespertine} – zz plant
{what next} Palma Potted Plant
[ kunst ] – Ashtray v3 / Fine wood #4

[ zerkalo ] Riyadh – Rug
floorplan. frankenziggy poster
Apple Fall Original Artwork ‘ Bamboo at Sunrise’
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ampersand Graphic ( I added the John Lennon pic)
Apple Fall Route 66 Sign
Apple Fall Reclaimed Plank Shelf

on shelf
.10 [ kunst ] – Plant / terracotta
Mithral * Full Hoya Linearis (Pack A)
.09 [ kunst ] – Book ends & books


Nutmeg. Dacha Bedroom Laundry Bag Fawn
Nutmeg. Old Oriental Rug1_Bonus Item
[Con.] Summer Stage – Guitar FLF
MI86310 Record and Record Cover
Midwest – 90’s – Vinyl + Headphone
[ keke ] albums . mod
..::THOR::.. Dude Poster 7 [T]
Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack
.05 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #3
[Con.] Comfy Chair – PG – Brown

When the Party’s Over

I’ve been destroyed and rebuilt countless times. I’m a work in progress and the moment I stop progressing, I start dying. Not to be morbid, I just mean that progress in one way or another is the substance of life – along with all its pleasurable byproducts.

I don’t know what this song or the video is supposed to mean but for me it expresses the conditions of my destruction and reconstruction. The melody simultaneously conveys both resignation and hope. I’m sure I’m not alone in being reminded of the struggle to resist my addiction despite its promise of ruination. It can be the only thing in a room full of chatter and movements and flashing neon lights. If you’ve read this far without rolling your eyes, don’t worry – I got sober in October of 2013. And I’ve been spending the following years rebuilding myself brick by brick. It’s better than it sounds.

Anyway, what does this have to do with Vinyl? Well, her clothes often call out to me saying “fuck your budget.” and it’s worth it because her style fits Ellen so well and she meets my high standards for texturing and rigging and all the rest. There are only a few stores where I’ll spring for a fatpack and she’s one of them. I would feel the same even if she didn’t hold a special place in my heart for all the times she so sweetly answered my customer service issues (especially that one time back in 2017 when I told her about a problem with the Psykini and she literally dropped everything and fixed it right then and there.) She may not have the time for on-the-spot re-rigging nowadays but if she did, she certainly would. The cherry on top was the fact that I barely know her, yet felt safe telling her about my recovery journey and she took the time to listen. I dunno, maybe that’s why I feel like bringing it up now, on a public forum, no matter how small the audience.

[hair] tram J1213 hair
[top] VINYL – Peters Sweater
[bottoms] VINYL – Shipped Jeans
[pose] DM – Resigned (store closed)

Latchkey Kids

Latchkey Kids:
A term used to describe children who return to an empty home after school or children who are often left at home with no supervision because both their parents are away at work. 

I was a latchkey kid for a different reason – having only one parent – and I spent my adolescence doing pretty much whatever I wanted. It wasn’t out of the ordinary though, since many Gen Xers lived like that and we all just basically raised each other. The children of my peers who are now of appropriate age to hear them, doubt our stories of drunken near-death experiences in forests and empty fields and of sex, drugs, and gangster rap.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the majority of people I’ve met in SL are Gen Xers, despite the fact that our generation has a smaller population than any other and most of us didn’t grow up with technology in the way it’s known today. So why did so many of us come to this virtual world? Beats me.

Anyway, I thought this picture was fitting, since I often tend to dress my avi as I would have in my teens if I’d had money or even a hint of fashion sense. The image could have easily been taken of an average Saturday night with me and my friends circa ’95 (thank dog there were no smartphones back then)

And somehow, it all started with the Saturday Sale and Blackstone‘s Sexy Bunny Set, which didn’t even make it into the pic. (scroll past credits to see)

On me (left):
[hair] TRUTH / Blush
[top] Mossu – Samantha.Top – Black
[bottoms] Addams // Frida Ripped Jeans
[shoes] N-core LEILA
[accessories] Kibitz – Rona’s bracelet – right – onyx | Vibing — Maya Earrings

On Moxi (center):
[hair] Doux – Roseanne
[top] imbue. little tee
[bottoms] evani. Nesli jeans RIPPED
[shoes] Semller Worn Canvas Low Tops
[accessories] -SU!- Gauged S Piercings S01 | (Yummy) Demon Queen Ring Collection

On Mori (right):
[hair] CAMO – Blaze Dreads
[top] Blueberry – Madori – Open Shirts
[bottoms] Blueberry – Cake Leggings
[shoes] Eudora3D Aspen Boots
[accessories] BlankLIne Glasses [Gift] | RAWR! Umbra HUMAN FEMALE EvoX Earrings | Kibitz – High rings set

All poses from FOXCITY. Biggest Fan Bento Pose Set

Bleachers: MINIMAL – November Group Gift 2021
TA Beer Bottle Add On from Delish Guacamole Set
Junk Food – Microwave Popcorn
BALACLAVA!! Surveillance Camera
7 – Smile You’re On Camera Sign

It’s An Edmonds Kind of Day

Credits (left to right, top down)
[Merak] – Deanna’s Library (Blue)
Apple Fall Plaster Candles
Seattle Space Needle and Monorail on Canvas (artist unknown)
..::THOR::.. Wood Drift Boat 2
Apple Fall Mounted Sealife – Sea Star
Apple Fall Ginkgo Branches
Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)
Apple Fall Thea Log Insert
dust bunny & con . tinsel living room . logs
.:revival:. isi pillows (store closed)
Apple Fall – Arrangement 13
Apple Fall Sophia Frame, 3:4 – Oiled Oak
Apple Fall Dakota Chandelier – Lead
{BE} Vintage Books
The Loft & Aria – Hourglass
{BE} Vintage Books
{what next} Row of Books A (Decorated)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 4
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 6
LISP – Mesh – LISP – Mesh – Jasmine Forest Sofa2
Nutmeg. Artist’s Alcove Candle
Fancy Decor: Spencer Book Stack
Apple Fall Cut Tulip Arrangement – Creme
[ zerkalo ] Delhi – Coffee Cup (pic 1)
Foxwood – Little Collie – sit (pic 2)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 3
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 10
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 12
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 11
Trompe Loeil – Classic Wall Vent
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Mounted Sealife – Clam Shell
Apple Fall Pride 2021 – Pride Books
Apple Fall Harry’s Boat
Apple Fall Life Preserver – Navy
Apple Fall Billy Ball Stems
Apple Fall iFall Pro 2019 – Black
Ariskea[Abaca] SailBoat Painting [1]
Zen Creations – Pencils and Pad
Apple Fall Globe w/ Books – Cream
Apple Fall Anashara Dining Chair – Peacock
Apple Fall Sheridan Knotted Rug – Pale Blue
uK – 12. 9 to 5 Dbl Box Stack White
Dahlia – Sky & Mochi – Food & Water Bowls – White Pattern (pic 2)
{vespertine} – potted monstera variegata
Elm. Clarissa Curtain [Neutrals/Straight]

Pic 2 credits:
[hair] Wasabi // Waffle
[top] Cynful Rude Girl Hoodie Dress
[bottoms] neve pant – quinn
[socks] [ VERSOV ] COMFOV_SOCKS_2.7
[pose] FOXCITY. Early Mornings + coffee mug
[holding] Nutmeg. Quaint Foyer Newspaper

It Aint Me, Babe

Ellen Credits:
[hair] TRUTH / Trinket FLF
[dress] JustBECAUSE Kyrene Dress
[earrings] EarthStones Dottie Earring
[choker] S&P Choker Peace
[head] lel EvoX LILLY
[body] Legacy
[skin] Nuve. Lizzie
[shape] my own random tweaks
[pose] Boo’D Up.oses – Var04mred

Decor Credits (left to right, top down):
Atelier Burgundy . Brick Wall Brown I
HPMD* Garden Vine02
Nutmeg. Basin and Watering Can
Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Table
[ keke ] windflower . pink .
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Planting Pots
{vespertine} – empty pots.
Nutmeg. Pitcher
vespertine – garden herbs / basil
Pitaya – Love letters – Seals
Nutmeg. Warm Earth Crumpled Linen / 1
.peaches. Bunny Hunnies – Buns (Gold)
Apple Fall Gardening Books w/ Mister
{vespertine}spring rose arrangement / beige tones
DISORDERLY. / Art of Spring / Decor Book / Pink
Nutmeg. White Bucket (w/ {vespertine}spring rose arrangement / pink tones)
Granola. Sprout Tin A
{vespertine} – pink strings of hearts
Apple Fall Plant Stand, Short – Bronze
Pitaya – Love letters – Scissors
HPMD* MakeMesses!-Dried Flower- yellow*f